Il y’a de l’ambiance à Bonif’ :D (à Port de Bonifacio)

Il y’a de l’ambiance à Bonif’ :D (à Port de Bonifacio)

Combiner son vieux bureau et son vieux miroir, les repeindre et sa donne une jolie coiffeuse <3 (à Bonifacio)

Combiner son vieux bureau et son vieux miroir, les repeindre et sa donne une jolie coiffeuse <3 (à Bonifacio)


Mi-Wraouh my shimmering friends !

This project has been entrusted to me by the same friend who asked me Totoro for his nephew. This time he asked me a Hello Kitty for her niece. Suddenly, I remembered that last year, my goddaughter had asked me to give him a white cat. So I told myself that I was going to do this project there. 

Project History  

I did this project during my holidays in Corsica. I went to see my family and also my goddaughter’s birthday is in July, I was lucky. So I was the first Hello Kitty in front of my 6 year old niece who asked me a lot of questions about what it was and why I was doing and how I was doing and if I could teach him … Anyway she is a child :)  

So without too much difficulty I managed to finish the project in time for his birthday. She was so surprised that I left speechless (I said, this girl talks non-stop: p). She thanked me at least 10 000 times by saying that this is her only doll com that, who does not come out of a factory, which was made just for her.  

This young lady has a little sister who wants all the time the same things as her sister … So the next day I started the second Hello Kitty. As to his clothing, I thought that I could crochet another pink thing for my other niece but not necessarily a Hello Kitty. So I thought to do it for the niece of my friend, but as my Mummy look at me amazed doing it, so when I finished, I gave her and she named Hella Kitta to differentiate it from the other.  

But things are not what think … In fact, seeing the two stuffed animals, my little niece came to see me and makes me “Godmother (yes she calls me godmother, by imitation of his sister, you can I make it a bear? “How can you resist his small face. :) There are no worries but I needed wool … And I was running out white wool … So in road to get it… But she likes so much pink color… well why not to make it with light pink instead of white. 

Well, now that this third project is over, I can now tackle me to the last Hello Kitty; the one for the birthday of my friend’s niece. 

Technical aspect of the project  

The project is from the blog of Snacksies:

At first I had a problem with the above explanations for the beginning of the head, it seems to me that it lacks an indication … but maybe it is me who is not all inclusive, although either I start the project with a magic ring in which I put 6 stitches and in the next row I double for 12 sts still rank after I double again to have 24 stitches and then I continued as shown in the instructions .  

I also have more trouble with the knot, it seems to me that I do not do as it should. But otherwise, it gives rather simple and clear explanations to follow  


Phildar Thalassa ”white” 

Phildar Thalassa ”Bengale 

Phildar Thalassa ”Meringue” 

Phildar Thalassa ”Soleil” (since there are no similar color in the range Thalassa) 

Phildar Laine Coton ”Black” (because I still have the black wool of my previous projects) 

Hook n°4 or n°5 



I discovered through these projects, a new woolen PHILDAR collection: the Thalassa range. This is a range which is composed of 75% cotton and 25% Lyocell Seacell 

But what Lyocell is, would you ask me? This fiber is derived from wood pulp such as ecalyptus and bamboo. Fiber obtained is dissolved in a non-toxic solvent (for the curious physicists it is the monohydrate of N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide - NMMO). Finally, this fiber is mainly composed of plant cells, and also 100% natural biodegradable. We can classify this material as the “eco-friendly” 

Go to Seacell. It is a fiber Lyocelle enriched algae from Iceland powders 

Suddenly this yarn is quite soft and pleasant to crochet (and I think to knit). In addition, it has a great advantage fot ir, she is antibacterial… and that’s great. 

Well, my dear friends and readers I tell you soon for new adventures. Until then, keep well! 

P.S.: For more pictures:

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